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Autark Investments and Projects AG, privately held and located in Zug, Switzerland, is the globally operating trading and investment unit of Autark Group of Companies.

With a particular emphasis on the environment, the company’s activities span the areas of extraction, processing and trading of raw materials, and the management of and investment into related public and privately held industrial projects.

Our Values


Our approach fosters the highest level of professionalism, personal ownership and entrepreneurial spirit in all our employees while never compromising on the safety and wellbeing of our people. This is important to our success and the superior returns we aim to achieve for all our stakeholders.


We aim to achieve our key deliverables as a path to industry-leading returns, while maintaining a clear focus on excellence, quality, sustainability and continuous improvement in everything we do.


Our first priority in the workplace is to protect the health and wellbeing of all our workers. We take a proactive approach to health and safety; our goal is continuous improvement in the prevention of occupational disease and injuries.


We recognise that our work can have an impact on our society and the environment. We care profoundly about our performance in compliance, environmental protection, human rights and health and safety.


We value relationships and communication based on integrity, cooperation, transparency and mutual benefit, with our people, our customers, our suppliers, governments and society in general.

Code of Conduct

We are aware that our global operations can have direct and indirect impact on the environment.

Our operations are geographically widespread and extremely diverse in nature, including prospecting, production, reclamation, processing, storage, transportation and marketing of natural resources.  This means that our potential environmental impacts are complex and specific to different commodity groups or production sites.

We are aware of the increasing regulatory pressure and societal demand for a low emission economy to address the global climate change situation. We are working to integrate this into our existing resource efficiency programmes at our operations. We comply with applicable laws, regulations and other requirements for environmental management. Where these are less stringent than our own standards we seek to exceed the statutory requirements wherever possible.

We also participate in supply chains that are not under our direct control. Here we work in partnership with our customers, suppliers and service providers to limit the overall environmental impact along the entire supply chain, and promote environmental awareness.

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